My n=1 Sleep Solution for Shift-Workers

October 20, 2014 by Brendan No Comments

This post is partially inspired by Lola’s obnoxious snoring during my mobility workshop this Saturday! Lately I’ve been engaged in several conversations with people at the gym regarding sleep. Most of these have been with shift-workers. I wanted to write this article to help explain my personal method for trying to limit the damage that […]

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Some Rambles & The Week Preview: October 20 – 25

October 19, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

Yes, another week has passed! Quick reminder that if you would like to be included in the Being program, please email Brendan ( ). And please feel free to contact him in regards to the competition team which holds its first meeting this Thursday evening @7:30. Hope you are enjoying the new Building programming […]

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It’s Cristy!!

October 16, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

Buckle up! Anyone who knows Cristy knows that she is incapable of being short and to the point, and her story is no exception. Cristy is one of those people I rely on each morning, she is kind of like my shot of espresso. She pops in for the “6:30″ class ;)…. and brings a […]

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Some Announcements and Week Preview for October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 by Brendan No Comments

First: Happy Thanksgiving! Second: Announcing some changes to the group programming! As part of our “charter” we planned to have three streams of programming to accommodate the three distinct groups which tend to find their way to CrossFit gyms. 1. Foundation: For people who want to improve their health, look good naked, get stronger, get […]

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Week Preview Oct. 6 – 11

October 5, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

Final week of this current cycle for both groups! Thanks to all those that participated in this weeks contest, saw some great pictures and videos… I will announce the winner tomorrow. We start all over again on Monday, so keep your phone handy and tag Sublime on Facebook or Instagram!     Monday: Foundation – […]

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Prizes!? + Week Update Sept.29 – Oct.4

September 27, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

First thing! This upcoming Saturday, (October 4th), Coach Mel will be in a Olympic Lifting Competition at the University of Manitoba. We will update everyone when her lifting times are released. Come on down if you are free!   Second! For the next 4 weeks we will be giving away prizes every Monday, starting on […]

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