Week Preview: March.30 – April 4

Week Preview: March.30 – April 4

Well that’s it! The Opens are over! Unless you are crazy enough to re-do that one, then well, good luck with that. I really liked the design of this workout, such a battle of the mind. Way to gut it out. The final Saturday was a good time, and like I said, something that in hindsight I wish we did from week 1. We wanted to try something new, it didn’t work and that’s fine, you on ...[Read More]

Jenelles Journey

Jenelles Journey

I really enjoy reading these. I don’t normally ask for them as people will just send them in sometimes. But I did ask Jenelle because I knew she had an interesting story, and with her gradually working her way onto my staff I thought it would be a great opportunity for the members, and myself, to get to know a little more about the pull up queen. If you would like to share your story please ...[Read More]

Week Preview: March 23 – 28

Week Preview: March 23 – 28

Don’t even get me started on the HSPU standard in 15.4…. Anyway, a few words on the opens. This year we decided to attempt a different approach, to let our athletes work the open into their schedule, and not the other way around. So we thought we would encourage people to pair up, become training buddies for the 5 weeks and come in when it worked for them, as opposed to us setting a ti ...[Read More]

Suffer Here. Stronger There.

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