Week Preview: March 2-7

Week Preview: March 2-7

Hellooooooo, Well we fell 40 people short of the attendance record… BUT considering it was a short month I’m actually pretty pumped we came that close and excited about what we can get in March. I think it will be the month we do it… I will think of some fun way to celebrate, like making Dawny bake us big cookies or something. Great work for the first week of opens everyone, real ...[Read More]

The Don

The Don

Big Don, my man! Fish Slayer.   Heavy Lifter Horse Whisperer… what can’t he do?!   I didn’t have a picture of him with his old horses…but this bad ass pic of Robert Redford will have to do. Always look forward to him walking in around 4:00pm. After multiple shoulder surgeries back in the day from his football days he was left with a frozen shoulder, but he never l ...[Read More]

Week Preview: Feb. 23 – 28

Week Preview: Feb. 23 – 28

Are you ready for the open?!? A new surprise every week?!?! So we’re in Opens season now. Even though only part of our group is doing it, it will of course impact everyone’s programming due to equipment use etc. So, the Building & Beings Friday and Saturday workouts will not be finalized until the Open workout is posted Thursday night. You can see what they are tentatively programm ...[Read More]

Suffer Here. Stronger There.

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