Next Free Class is Wed Sep 2 @ 6:30PM.

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Free Introduction Class!

Free Introduction Class!

Want to check out Sublime? Now is your chance! We are offering a free introduction class on Wednesday, September 2nd @ 6:30pm! Everyone is welcome to come see our facility, meet with our coaches and find out everything you need to know about Sublime! Fill out your information in the “Get started today” section to the right to reserve you spot!

Week Preview: Aug. 24 – 29

Week Preview: Aug. 24 – 29

Yooooooooo! Some of the blue shirts have arrived! The printer has had problems with power in his building, so things are slightly delayed. The hope is to have everything by the end of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience! We will have a way to donate for Motion Ball shortly. Currently we have 7 team members, we need 10! Coach Melissa (Team Captain) Dawny Squats A-Lot Erika AKA “My Mother ...[Read More]

Week Preview: Aug. 17 – 22

Week Preview: Aug. 17 – 22

Good week attendance wise, starting to see some tanned faces that have been missing the last few months. Shirts should start rolling in this week, hoodies possible for late in the week, more likely next week.   Thanks for sharing the post regarding our ‘On Ramp’ Program. This is new to Sublime, but it is actually the norm for almost every other affiliate in the city. We found too ...[Read More]

Suffer Here. Stronger There.

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Your next chance to join Sublime begins September 8th! Click the link in our bio and go to the how to join page for more information on our next On Ramp program!
It's the 6am'ers... At 9am.... On a Saturday... You follow?
Congrats to Matt on a third place finish over the weekend!
Make sure to go check out Matt as he competes in the Starke Games tomorrow! Go Matt!
If you had one shot, one opportunity, to get as many calories in 10:00. Would you capture it? Or walk right back out the door? #BRabbit #EightMileRemix #LookAtThePain
37 weeks and the baby ain't the only one who's still kickin
Had a good chat with Coach Jenelle today about finding the strength to train when you really don't feel like it. After the talk I watched her gut out a 30:00 rowing intensive chipper, if you know her, then you know her feelings on rowing. Anyway, watching her go made me proud to have her on my staff. Her and all the Sublime crew do so much to make this place what it is. Couldn't do it without them. Thank you.
A member of the Sublime Classics drops us a line from his 10 day bike trip. Al celebrated his 60th by challenging himself with this trip. Way to go Al!
Just so you know, my riding went very well and it was largely due to the improved strength gained from all the workouts over the last few months - I can't say I danced on the pedals like those Tour de France dudes but I wasn't sucking as I rode to the top of Logan Pass (elevation 6600 ft). I know I've got a long way to go yet, but so far so good!
If we only knew what was so funny....
Matt joins the 400 club... Belt less I may add
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Dawny blows up her own personal record with a 275# Back Squat. Great work.
A cool pic of Sublime member Kyle Scrivens putting his fitness to work keeping up with the NHL Jets prospects this past week. He said that he was a better hockey player then them all and could make the team.... Direct quote...
I could bench that...


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