Week Preview: July 27 – Aug 1

Week Preview: July 27 – Aug 1

Howdy peeps. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. I have been impressed with our summer attendance so far, obviously a little slower in here, but actually one of our busiest summers yet. Great job finding the time to get into Sublime, and giving me a reason, to write this rhyme. Schedule note for next week: Friday July 31 & will have slightly different hours, and we will be closed ...[Read More]

Week Preview: July 20 – 25

Week Preview: July 20 – 25

Switch up for Foundation. Building wraps up week 4/4. Being continues with testing time! Monday: Foundation – Back Squat & Ring Pull Ups + DB Lunges & DB Reverse Flyes + Intervals (Sled/Row) Building – % Back Squat + Press + Strength Accessory   Tuesday: Foundation – Midline Stability + “Around the World” Aerobic Intervals (Row/Bike/Skip/Sled/Step Ups) Bu ...[Read More]

Week Preview: July 13 – 18

Week Preview: July 13 – 18

I’m posting this early because for one I want the Building group to be mentally, physically, and beast mode(ly?) prepared for heavy lifting this week. Also, because I’m spending the weekend at a friends lake. Hope you get a chance to get away too, supposed to be a beautiful one! Foundation wraps up with increased volume in week 4/4. Building pushes for max lifts in week 3/4. Being star ...[Read More]

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If we only knew what was so funny....
Matt joins the 400 club... Belt less I may add
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Dawny blows up her own personal record with a 275# Back Squat. Great work.
A cool pic of Sublime member Kyle Scrivens putting his fitness to work keeping up with the NHL Jets prospects this past week. He said that he was a better hockey player then them all and could make the team.... Direct quote...
I could bench that...
The Noon crew set the bar high... Come in and take a run at them before your Canada Day celebrations.
A member of the Sublime Classics drops us a line from his 10 day bike trip. Al celebrated his 60th by challenging himself with this trip. Way to go Al!
Just so you know, my riding went very well and it was largely due to the improved strength gained from all the workouts over the last few months - I can't say I danced on the pedals like those Tour de France dudes but I wasn't sucking as I rode to the top of Logan Pass (elevation 6600 ft). I know I've got a long way to go yet, but so far so good!
Okay one more!

Kate: Look what I can do!

Brendan: I'm never impressed...
Brad: Ah, here's your problem. You jerked when you should've cleaned. 
Carolina: I hate you.
I have had several questions regarding CrossFit For Choices, so here is a quick update!
The event was put on hold this year due to the whole planning a social & wedding thing! But it will return next year. I am looking for the next beneficiary to our fundraising, and I am open to suggestions. I am pretty picky about who we raise for as I like to ensure that ALL money raised goes to the cause. Last year I was very happy to see all of the money raised for William Whyte go to the kids. Some even received new shoes after all jerseys and equipment was purchased! If you know of any inner city schools or community clubs that may be in need please let me know. Send me an email: kyle@sublimesc.com. 
Thanks for caring! Looking forward to next year!
Vrrrrrooommmm ??
Tim switched to an individualized program a few months back with the intent of focusing on Olympic lifting technique. Now, we're not following a Olympic lifting program by any means as he still spends plenty of time in the Aerobic & Anaerobic worlds. But after months of work we finally got to some testing: 290lb Clean / 280lb Bench / 205lb Snatch. Great progress.
Meet Marley, she is 12 going on 20, mature beyond her years. She found us online and asked her parents if she could train at Sublime to ready herself for next years Ringette season. I think it is great how many parents are willing to get their kids involved in fitness programs. I am usually more than a little hesitant when I learn the kid is 13 or under, but I truly believe that you can get anyone in the gym so long as the maturity level is there. Picking the proper movements/loading/intensity can be great for improving a young athletes general athleticism. Our young members follow Kyles sports program once they complete numerous 1-1 sessions. So if you see Mighty Marley around, take a second to remind her that she is awesome.


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