Week Preview: July 24-29

Week Preview: July 24-29

It is testing week! We have finally reached the end of this 8 week cycle, and now we get a chance to see how much we have improved. After this we enjoy a de-load week and move onto a new cycle! Monday: Foundation – Movement Prep + Press + BSQ + Chin Ups Building – Snatch + Press + BSQ + Chins   Tuesday: Foundation – Gob Sq & Sled Fun + Burpee & Row Fun + Core Work Bu ...[Read More]

Week 1 of intensification done, one more to go! We will build on last weeks numbers, then next week we re-test! That will be followed by a nice little de-load week before we move onto some new stuff. Hope you enjoyed the RPT cycle and feel like you made some gains in your lifts! Monday: Foundation – Movement Prep + Press + Chins Building – Snatch + Press + Chins   Tuesday: Foundat ...[Read More]

Week Preview: July 10-15

Week Preview: July 10-15

Allllllllllright we are entering the Intensification phase of our current cycle! We will still use our 4-6 rep count, but use that number to push out some heavy 1-2 Reps! We have two weeks of this before we re-test. Enjoy the week! Monday: Foundation – Movement Prep + Press + ¬†Chins Building – Snatch + Press + Chins   Tuesday: Foundation – Movement Prep + Deadlift + Running/ ...[Read More]

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