Week Preview: Feb.12-17

Week Preview: Feb.12-17

Lets get into week 3/4! Some rep schemes change, some movements change… Giddy up! Monday: Foundation – BB Press + DB Push Jerk & Chin Ups + Landmine Press & DB Row Building – Snatch + C&J + BSQ & Pull Ups   Tuesday: Everyone – Complete Body Workout. Waiter Walks, Farmer Carries, Oblique Twists, Hip Abductions… and a whole lot more!   Wednesda ...[Read More]

Week Preview: Feb.5-10

Week Preview: Feb.5-10

On Sunday, Feb. 11th, Mel and Claire are replacing Open Gym with Barbells & Brunch! Come workout at 9 am with them – they will be lifting some heavy stuff with lots of soothing breaks in between – and then join everyone for brunch at Browns afterwards. RSVP by booking your spot on the schedule now! With January coming to a close, I am sure you have probably heard the words ‘N ...[Read More]

Shifting Your Perspective – Coach Scott

Shifting Your Perspective – Coach Scott

Sublime Blog January 2018 Scott McCulloch Title: Shifting Your Perspective Struggling with perspective? These are some of the ways I deal with perspective when it comes to my gym life. First, let’s get started with a scenario. “What! I was asked to write a blog on fitness?” My next reaction could unfold in two ways: “Oh no! What will I write about? I have nothing to contribute; I’ve never written ...[Read More]

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