PN Coaching. One Spot Left and then wait list.

As of this morning I have 1 spot left for the nutrition¬†coaching program. This week I will be confirming registrations with those who have expressed interest. So, if you’re interested in getting into the program, then act soon to grab that last spot or get on the wait list. I was asked some good questions this week and wanted to publicly share my answers. How is food tracked? Portion control ...[Read More]

Week Preview: August 22 – 27

Week Preview: August 22 – 27

Hello Hello! Couple notes: Sublime has two teams in Motion Ball this year! You can help us raise money for the Special Olympics Program! Click here to support team Gail, my team ;)….OR here to support team Mel. Thanks! Brendan continues to take on clients for his Precision Nutrition Program. If you are looking for more information on it you can read this, or THIS, OR THIISSSS…. and if ...[Read More]

A Few Things You Might Not Know About PN Coaching

Here is just a round-up of some factoids about the upcoming PN Coaching program I thought I’d share after having some conversations about it over the last couple of weeks: We will start in September. You can start a bit later if you like (as long as you register before we fill-up) The program is different for men and women. Not a lot different. But different where it counts. This isn’t ...[Read More]

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