Week Preview, Sep 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 by Brendan No Comments

Congrats to Tyler and Chelsea on hitching up this weekend! (someone send us pictures) Congrats to Matt on representing Sublime at a TOUGH competition this past weekend in Calgary. Welcome back to our summer vacationers! We’re starting a whole new mesocycle this week! Lots of changes for both groups. Monday Closed for the Long weekend. […]

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August 29, 2014 by Brendan No Comments

This article is mainly targeted at our Building group, but there are some great take-aways for the Foundation crew as well. So… some of you are not having the greatest time with the structural gymnastic strength work I’ve been prescribing. Face hovering just inches off a dusty gym floor, entire body shaking, fighting as hard […]

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Couple Notes + Weekly Preview Aug. 25 – 30

August 24, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

Hello everyone! I saw a nice increase in attendance this week, keep it up! Hope to see more of you here this week! Thanks to those who came out on Saturday and: 1) put up with my madness 2) survived “The Pit” First off, Sublime is hosting a BBQ and we would love it if […]

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A Few Words From A Fan Favourite : Dawny

August 20, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

Everyone knows Dawny! She didn’t take long to dive right into our community and become an important member of Sublime. She is incredibly supportive of fellow members, even taking it so far that when the “Sublime Power Couple” were without water for months, she made a home cooked meal and brought it to them at […]

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Week Preview – August 18 – 23

August 17, 2014 by Kyle No Comments

Week 3/3 for both groups!   Monday: Foundation – BB Reverse Lunge + UB Pull + Dips & Partials & Curls + ABS!!!!! Building – Snatch Complex + Clean & Jerk Heavy + BSQ   Tuesday: Foundation – Beautiful Lactic Power Work (AD, KBS, Sled, Burpee, Run, Wall Ball, Box Jump) Building – Gymnastic Intervals […]

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Did You Miss Me?

August 15, 2014 by Kyle 2 Comments
group drop

I’m Back! . Yes I have returned from my vision quest. I have seen many things, I’ve changed. Oh the things I have seen! The world is a deep, dark and scary place. A much darker Kyle has returned to Sublime. No more smiles and “how’s it goings?”…. No I can’t be that guy anymore. […]

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