Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m interested in joining but I’m not sure how to start?  What is the best way to start?

A: Sublime offers a variety of different ways to get started.  Our most common method is if you are looking to join but have never worked with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers etc, we highly encourage you book a few 1-on-1 personal training sessions.

A description of our 1-on-1 sessions and what we offer, this can be found in our “How to Join” page.

If you are interested in booking a 1-on-1 session to get started, fill out our “Contact Us” form so we can work with you to book a time and date that will fit your schedule!

Q: Do I have to be “FIT” to start with you guys?  I’m a bit intimidated by the workouts, what if I can’t do them?

A:  We want to emphasize that our our gym is open to EVERYBODY.  No matter what your fitness level is, whether or not you have past/present physical injuries or limitations which prevent you from performing specific movements we welcome you to our facility to come and train.

We understand that the journey to becoming fit is different for everyone.  We want to emphasize that no matter what your fitness level is or current physical abilities, we will work with you to help you reach your goals.

If we prescribe a movement during the group class which you are not able to perform, simply let us know and it is the responsibility of the trainer to modify the movement for you as a client.  We want to build a safe, environment for you to workout in.  Our trainers will NEVER ask you to perform a movement you personally are not willing or are capable of performing.

Q: How do memberships work?  Am I limited into coming only 2-3 times a week?

A: All group members by default are set up with an ‘unlimited‘ membership.  That means you can come as many times as you’d like during the week (though we highly encourage rest days so you don’t burn out!).  We do not want to limit the number of times an individual can come to our gym to train.  We want you to maximize your time with us!

Membership fees are paid on a monthly basis and are typically set up to be billed directly to a client’s credit card on file.

Q: So how does the group class work?  

A: Group classes are approximately around one hour in length.  As a member of our facility, you will sign up for a class using our “schedule” page.  A class is capped between 6-8 members at most and is led by one of our accredited trainers.

We keep our class sizes relatively small in comparison to other group training facilities as we want to ensure that each member is receiving the proper amount of attention from our trainers during the workout.

To understand the structure of our group classes, here’s a timeline of what you can expect:

  • WARM UP (10-15 minutes): In terms of the class structure for the hour, the first 10-15 minutes of the hour are typically spent warming up.  Each member of Sublime is personally responsible for their own warm up.  Techniques on warming up, stretching, rolling out etc.. are all taught by our trainers during a client’s 1-on-1 sessions prior to joining the group.  Trainers are also available on site if a client needs assistance in a warm up.
  • WORKOUT OF THE DAY (2-3 minutes): After our members have completed their warm up, the trainer for the class will explain the workout of the day to the group.  This ensures that all members understand the focus of the workout and also to ensure that if any member requires a modification of a movement due to previous injuries or range of motion issues for that client, the trainer is aware and can assist them to still receive an effective workout despite a client’s current limitations.
  • WORKOUT (40-45 minutes): After the trainer has given you an understanding of the workout of the day, its now time to tackle the task!  The trainer has several responsibilities to the group during this time such as making sure that there is sufficient equipment for everyone in the class, each member is performing the movement safely and the client is feedback on their movement patterns to improve.Trainers are also there to provide encouragement, assist clients in determining the proper weight loading for a clients lifts, give cues on improving a client’s movement efficiency.  Overall our trainers are present to provide QUALITY and VALUE to your workout.


Q: How do are workouts for the group structured?  Does everyone perform the same workout?  What if I can’t do what you’re asking me to do?

A: Sublime offers different types of programming to ensure that no matter what your fitness level, we can ensure that you have a great workout to help you progress towards getting stronger, getting leaner and overall becoming more fit.   In each of the streams of programming you can expect the following type of workout disciplines to be applied:

  • Strength training with barbells/dumbells
  • Working with Kettlebells
  • Interval training (i.e. 20s hard work 20s rest)
  • Running in aerobic/anaerobic capacities
  • Rowing
  • Biking
  • Gymnastic/Bodyweight prescribed work


Details about our three different levels of programming can be found under the Method section of our “About Us > Our Philosophy” page.

Our workouts are thoroughly developed in to programming ‘blocks’ with specific goals.  Some programming blocks may focus on strength, while others on increasing aerobic/anaerobic capacity.  These workouts, though they vary from day to day are certainly not considered ‘random’ by any means.  We are not strictly a weightlifting facility.  For the majority of our members, we want to empower them by becoming better in all aspects of fitness.

These programming blocks are typically done in 4-6 week chunks.  We use a variety of methods from a multitude of different disciplines to achieve these goals.

If you are looking for programming for a specific goal, we also offer personalized programming and 1-on-1 training sessions as well.

Q: Does your gym only hold group classes?

A: Though the majority of our members participate in group classes led by our trainers, we do offer additional services including:

  • 1-on-1 personal training sessions
  • Individualized programming for specific goals
  • Precision Nutrition/Weight loss plans
  • Hockey/Football/Rugby/Sport related training packages


Each of these additional services include a fee on top of our standard unlimited membership packages.

Q: I am concerned about the philosophy of  “suffering”. I am looking for a welcoming and healthy environment to be able to build confidence. Is this a gym with a culture of yelling or intimidation? 

A: Through explaining what we do in our “philosophy” page to convey the fact that we are patient, realistic and adaptive to the needs of our clients. Nothing is placed on a client that is excessive to their needs.

Suffering” is a reality of physical training that we embrace and encourage our clients to learn to embrace, although it can be a tough adaptation.

Our clients are mostly never yelled at, because that is not an appropriate coaching intervention for the majority of people who require instruction more than motivation.

Those who are yelled at are the ones who we’ve learned respond well to that type of intervention. I hope that makes sense, because I can’t tell you that there is no yelling, only that I believe our coaches and trainers are sensitive to who responds well to that.

Above all, we can assure you that our staff are not there to embarrass you or guilt you into doing things that you are not ready to do. We believe we have a staff who are authentically interested in the progress of our members and are sensitive and adaptive to the many different types of people we work with.

Q: Do you only provide courses or is there a personal trainer program? I am thinking of a December training session. I am recovering from and rotator injury and do not have total mobility in my right arm so would need a modified program.

A: In your situation there are a couple possible ways to plug in to our services. The first step would be to do an assessment with us.

We assess all potential clients prior to introducing them to classes or personal training. We have special software for analyzing these assessments to ensure that the design of the various phases of our general training programs are carefully based on the results of the members of that training group.

It is quite possible, depending on the severity of your injury that you *might* fit into our “Foundation” phase group program with some minor modifications. However, whenever possible, the best case scenario is to undertake the “Foundation” phase of your training in a customized series of personal training sessions that cater to your specific needs in terms of creating that solid base of health.

Though it might sound strange, for simplicity sake we slide those with significant injuries – or anyone doing personal training, for that matter – into the context of our “Reaching” phase. It means that you have a specific goal to train toward for which our general program would be inadequate. In your case, that specific goal, would be to restore as much strength and stability to your injured shoulder as possible with, perhaps, a secondary goal of general health, body composition improvement or perhaps improving lower body athleticism.

All that being said, we are not rehabilitation specialists and we cannot treat pain. We do have a small network of very good practitioners that we will be more than happy to refer you to if your shoulder issues are outside of our area of expertise. In the meantime, we have all sorts of excellent training methods for your lower body and conditioning to help you achieve your secondary goal without aggravating your shoulder while you work with a specialist to bring it back to health.