Sublime Hockey Program

Here at Sublime we like to keep things simple, capturing amazing results by sticking to the fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning.

The Sublime Hockey Program is no different. Our hockey clients use weights to get stronger, push sleds to get faster, and consistently train hard to get better. They follow a hockey specific training program designed to improve strength, explosiveness, and overall conditioning. The program runs 4 days/week with each training session taking roughly 1 hour. It is our priority to get each athlete ready and in peak condition for the upcoming hockey season.

Sublime’s unique Hockey Program allows for flexibility in training days and times. We realize that most of our clients have other commitments and/or rely on someone to bring them to each training session, so we designed a system that allows for training convenience. Our athletes are able to sign up for any of our classes Monday – Saturday between 6am – 8pm. We always have a trainer on duty, ready to motivate, explain, and/or demonstrate the workout.





How to get started

It all begins with the initial Assessment. In our first session each athlete is taken through Functional Movement Screen, this is used to search for imbalances, or anything that may raise an alarm for possible injury. It is largely movement based and ends with a short work capacity test.

Once the Assessment is completed, we move forward with up to 4 Fundamental sessions. These sessions are designed to introduce and build on movements our athletes will see in the Hockey Program.

The Fundamental Five are scheduled at the athletes convenience and are all done 1 on 1, with sessions lasting 1 hour.

COST: Fundamentals 1-on-1 session = $65 + GST/per session.

Once The Fundamentals have been completed the athlete is ready to join the Sublime Hockey Program.

When does the Hockey Program run?

The Hockey Program begins May and runs till the end of September. Athletes can join at any point of the program, however in order to get the full benefit we recommend starting as early as possible.

Email: for more information.

COST: Sublime Hockey Program = $165+GST / Month

Testimonials – Real athletes, real results

Rather than talk about what we can offer, here are a few real life testimonials we’d like to share from previous Sublime Hockey program members who have gone on to meet/exceed their goals.

Ready to start?

If you’re ready to start in our Sublime Hockey Program, please e-mail  or use feel free to use our ‘Contact Us’ form to request for more information!