How To Join

Getting Started

Interested in joining Sublime but not sure on the best way to go about it?  Read our services that we offer below!  Pick an option and Contact us if you’d like to find more information!


OPTION 1) On-Ramp

Interested in getting fit but you’re not quite ready to take on our group classes?  On-Ramp is a cost effective way for you to get comfortable with our group class structure.

Here’s a few reasons why On-Ramp may be right for you:

  • Workout with those who are also NEW – Come in to our facility and workout with those who are also new to Sublime!  Make new friends and build our community!
  • Designed to TEACH – We understand that our group classes may seem intimidating; this is why our On-Ramp workouts are intended for individuals who may not have experience lifting weights or are unfamiliar with interval training.   Our coaches will take time to teach proper movement mechanics, how to read a prescribed workout in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Great training at a great PRICE! – On-Ramp is designed to run as a three times a week class Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays @ 6:00pm for 2 weeks to get you ready for our group classes!
  • After completing your On-Ramp courses, most individuals are ready in joining our group classes.  If you feel you require more sessions before joining our group classes we also have our 1-on-1 fundamental sessions available.

COST: $130 + tax

Contact us to learn how to receive up to 15% off your OnRamp fees!

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OPTION 2) FREE Assessment/Introduction

Interested in training at our facility but not sure where to start?  We are currently offering FREE assessments to first time visitors to help you understand how our training facility operates and to understand you better as a potential client.

The assessment includes:

  • Movement & Mobility Assessment  By screening every member before they get started we can readily identify any potential movement pattern anomalies and address how our coaches can help to address these possible limitations. It is a small, but important way to customize our group experience to the individual.
  • In-depth goals discussion Part of our assessment process is to ensure that we understand your goals, what movements you are comfortable with and to understand how our facility can be used to meet your requirements.
  • Face-to-Face time with your coachEach assessment is treated as a personal 1 on 1 session.  A coach will be assigned to handle your assessment to ensure you are free to ask any question about our facility and receive knowledgeable answers to help you make the right decision for you!

COST: FREE!  Contact us if you’d like to book your FREE assessment/introduction session!

OPTION 3) 1-on-1 Fundamentals

Interested in joining Sublime but unable to make the On-Ramp class times?  Fundamental sessions are designed as one-on-one session with a coach booked at your convenience.  These sessions will be suited to individuals who wants a speedy entry into our group classes or if you required specific coaching for your goals.

Here are a few reasons why Fundamentals may be right for you:

  • New to Sublime but not new to working out – Are you experienced in the gym but need a few pointers before you join our group classes?  If you are looking to book fundamental sessions to prepare for joining the group, anywhere between 1-3+ sessions are recommended based on your experience and ability to display proper movement patterns.
  • Personalized coaching for specific goalsSessions are programmed by our coaches specifically on the client’s goals.  The number of sessions to book depends on the client’s requirements and may be re-occurring depending on the goal that you are attempting to achieve.

COST: $60 + tax (per session)

Contact us if you’d like to book 1-on-1 Fundamental Session

Group Classes

Want to show up and get a good workout and make progress?  The group classes may be for you!  The majority of Sublime members participate in these group classes!  Here are some advantages of our group classes:

  • Receive coaching EVERY classThe group classes are led by our experienced instructors and sizes vary between 6-8 participants to ensure that attention and coaching is provided to each member during the class.  
  • Just show up and DO THE WORK! No need to wander aimlessly in the gym trying to get a good workout in, our group classes are programmed in specific cycles to maximize your time at the gym while making progress.  Our coaches on duty for each class ensures that not only do you understand the prescribed workout movements but are receiving constant feedback on how to improve.
  • Meet new people and be part of our COMMUNITY The majority of Sublime’s members participate in group classes.  Meet people of all ages and all walks of life and gain some new friends who want to see you succeed!

IMPORTANT: Prior to joining our group classes, we highly recommend booking an On-Ramp course or a fundamental session(s) to decide if our group classes are right for you!   Contact us if you’d like to book!

To verify what class time works for you, please check our
schedule to see our class times

Personalized Programming

Do you have specific goals or limitations and require custom tailored programming to address your needs?  Sublime coaches offer personalized program design to help you in your fitness journey.

Did you sign up for a 5k?  Are you trying to get in shape to pass your physical requirements in the FIRE/PARA/POLICE/Military services?  Do you want to maximize your ability to bulk up or lose weight?  Personalized programming may be right for you!

  • How it works An initial discussion with your coach is required first to get an understanding of your goals and an assessment is required to gather your current state and come to an agreement between coach and client as to how do we measure the success of the programming.
  • Month by Month Program design is typically offered on a month by month basis in order to prepare a client for their intended goal.  This allows us to tweak the design and make changes as necessary based on the progress being made.
  • NOTE: This may vary based on the client’s timeline and specific goals.

 Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can meet your specific goals!