Way To Go Brody!!

Way To Go Brody!!

Not all of you will know Brody, he is almost always in during the evenings. He is that guy you see grinding through his workouts, chucking around big weights, you finish your workout and look over and think, “how is that kid still going?” This kid has a work ethic that is unmatched. That’s Brody. He also keeps to himself and would never brag about his accomplishments, so I am goi ...[Read More]

July 15-21

Monday: Building – Clean & Jerk Complex/Front Squat Foundation – Front Squat/Deadlift Tuesday: Building – Snatch + Row Row Row your boat Foundation – Aerobic work Wednesday: Building – Rest Foundation – RDL/ DB Bench + Full body strength work Thursday: Building – Snatch complex + CrossFit Fun Foundation – Rest Friday: Building & Foundation &# ...[Read More]

July 8-13

Monday: Building – Power Clean/Front Squat + pull-up/muscle up Foundation – Front Squat/Deadlift + Pull-up Tuesday: Building – Hang Clean + aerobic work Foundation – Moving for a long period of time 🙂 Wednesday: Building – Rest Foundation – Romanian Deadlift/DB Bench + totally body strength Thursday: Building – Hang Power Snatch + CrossFit Fun Foundation & ...[Read More]

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