Week Preview: Dec.4-9

Week Preview: Dec.4-9

Hello everybody! We made it to De-Load week! Here we will see less intense versions of our lifts (RDL in for Deadlifts and Inc Bench in for regular Bench….etc), and we will pull off from the tough conditioning testers you completed this past week to give everyone a chance to rest and recover. Our On Ramp kicks off on Monday and we have two spots left! Do you have any friends curious about wh ...[Read More]

Week Preview: Nov.27 – Dec.2

Week Preview: Nov.27 – Dec.2

Hello all and welcome to the final week of our cycle! We will be finding 3 Rep Maxes in the Bench/Deadlift/BSQ and Re-Testing some conditioning pieces we did at the start of this cycle 8 weeks ago. Make sure you get some good sleep, maybe over eat a little :), and come with some energy! This will be a tough week before we slide into a much needed de-load! We have recently had requests to bring bac ...[Read More]

Week Preview: November 20-25

Week Preview: November 20-25

Another Sublime Saturday Series Event in the books! The Hopper spit out a nasty workout for the Saturday crew to tackle! And tackle it they did…nice job everyone! Here comes week 7! Reps continue to drop as the weights climb! Monday: Foundation – Bench + Chins + Tabata Mash Up Building – Snatch + Jerk + Chins + Tabata Mash Up   Tuesday: Foundation – Deadlift + Rows + I ...[Read More]

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