The Sublime Classics Club

Welcome to the Sublime Classics Club

Exercise improves more than your physical health.  It boosts memory, help prevent dementia, osteoporosis and it can help you maintain independence and your way of life.  Staying strong as we age keeps you more agile and you will be able to enjoy the freedom of movement.

Fitness doesn’t need to stop as you age, it can even begin! For our members who are in the higher age range but still want to work on their fitness, we call them ‘The Classics.’

What is the Classics Program?

They are a hard working members that prove getting older, doesn’t mean slowing down. The Classics train together as a group, led by a trainer, following a program carefully designed to help Winnipeg’s senior population maintain, or discover, physical fitness. This is not a ‘boot camp’, our trainers will lead you through a workout set up to create sustainable fitness.


It is never too late to begin, or re-start, the road to a more fit you.  The Classics program is designed for clients who are looking to get fit or stay fit as they progress in age. The workouts in this stream of programming are designed specifically to keep individuals moving with the right amount of challenge to fight off the symptoms of that comes with age.


When do we train?

The Classics program runs three times a week. Monday / Tuesday / Friday @ 9:45am. Each session is approximately one hour in length including a warm up, workout and cool down.

Ready to get started?

For more information please contact or use our ‘Contact Us’ form to find out more information!