Week Preview: April 17 – 22

Week Preview: April 17 – 22


Hopefully you had a great weekend, maybe some good food, possibly some sleeping in? Anywho, were back to it! Our April On Ramp crew wrapped up on Thursday and they will be joining the group classes this week, be on the lookout for new faces and introduce yourself if you have a newbie in your class!

Coach Jay will be running the upcoming On Ramp beginning on May 1st! We have member referral incentives so be sure to mention it to all your friends and family!


Foundation – SQ Therapy & Gob Iso Hold + Deadlift Complex + 15:00 (TGU/FW/Sled)

Building – Snatch Complex + Clean Complex + 15:00 (TGU/FW/Sled)



Everyone: Push Ups & Hollow Rock + Hip Ext + Leg Lowering + Ring Row & Band Sq



Foundation – Intervals (Wall Walks/Skipping/Row/Crawls/Bike)

Building – Rest



Foundation – Rest

Building – Intervals (Handstand/Skipping/Crawls/Row/Bike)



Everyone: ABZ & Chins + Bike Or Row!



Join Kyle For A Doozy! Farmer Walks / WB / Bike / Burpees


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