Week Preview: Dec.25-30

Week Preview: Dec.25-30

Hope you all enjoy the Holidays!

We will be closed Monday, but open for a group workout on Tuesday. Both programs will have a workout every day this coming week as the regular program will be compressed into three days. Be sure to make some time for your health during this busy season!

You may have already met Ashton, but if not….meet Ashton! He began training with us mostly at the 9:45 slot but has popped in during the evening classes here and there. Ashton will be joining our coaching staff in a limited role at first, but he will bring something new to the Sublime schedule… Open Gym Sundays! Yes, between 10-12 Ashton will open Sublimes doors for you to come in and get a sweat, mobilize, work on a skill, do Mondays workout if you will be hard pressed to make it in…etc. Ashton brings years of experience as a massage therapist, pair that with his athletic background and infectious positivity and you are sure to enjoy his coaching sessions! Say Hello next time you see this face!


Everyone – 12 Days Of Fitness! Join Coach Scott For A Long Grind As You Work Through 12 Different Exercises.



Foundation – FSQ + Lower Body + Upper Body

Building – Snatch + Clean + Lower Body + Upper Body



Everyone: 40:00 Of Play! Some Things From Week 1 Return, Some New Things, Some Remain!



Foundation – RDL & 90/90 + Push Up & Ring Row + Rowing & Paloff

Building – FSQ + RDL & 90/90 + Rowing & Paloff



Join Gail For A Good Old Fashion Saturday Beatdown! (WB/Row/Burpees/Bike)