Week Preview: Dec.4-9

Week Preview: Dec.4-9

Hello everybody!

We made it to De-Load week! Here we will see less intense versions of our lifts (RDL in for Deadlifts and Inc Bench in for regular Bench….etc), and we will pull off from the tough conditioning testers you completed this past week to give everyone a chance to rest and recover.

Our On Ramp kicks off on Monday and we have two spots left! Do you have any friends curious about where you train? You can both benefit from our referral incentive and this is a great opportunity for them to check us out and see what Sublime is all about! They can still claim the last two spots on Monday! The gym can be a scary place for newbies, so if you are training in the evenings over the next two weeks be sure to say hi and make them feel welcome.

Also, if you have not already met her, this is Claire! Claire began as a Personal Training client of Kyle’s about a year and half ago, she then became a regular member training at the 9:45 time slot. She most recently joined our staff a few months ago and runs some of the evening classes. Claire will be taking on an administrative role here at Sublime beginning next week, meaning you will be seeing, and hearing more from her! On top of the administrative stuff she will also bring some new services to Sublime in the new year…but I’ll let her tell you about those. Give me a hand in welcoming her and be sure to introduce yourself if you catch her around the gym!


Foundation – Incline Bench + Ring Rows & Dips + Ab Work

Building РSnatch Balance & OHS + Incline Bench + Ring Rows & Dips + Ab Work



Foundation – RDL + Intervals (Gob Sq & Bike)

Building – Clean + BB Rows + Intervals (Thrusters & Row)



Foundation – Long Aerobic Work (Row/Bike/Bear Crawl/Step Up/Skip/KBS)

Building – Rest Up or Make Up Day!



Foundation – Rest Up Or make Up Day!

Building – Snatch Complex + BSQ + DB Press & Row + BB Curls



Foundation – BSQ + DB Lunges & Hip Ext.

Building – P-Cl + RDL + Hip Ext. + AMRAP (KBS/DU/Box Jump/Pull Up)



Join Coach Jay For a Team Workout! Teams Of 3 Will Tackle 100 Reps of (Push Ups/Deadlifts/WB/Bike Cals) With A Surprise tossed In There!