Week Preview: Feb.12-17

Week Preview: Feb.12-17

Lets get into week 3/4! Some rep schemes change, some movements change… Giddy up!


Foundation – BB Press + DB Push Jerk & Chin Ups + Landmine Press & DB Row

Building – Snatch + C&J + BSQ & Pull Ups



Everyone – Complete Body Workout. Waiter Walks, Farmer Carries, Oblique Twists, Hip Abductions… and a whole lot more!



Foundation – Intervals (Burpee/Box Jump/Row/Walking Lunge/KBS/Bike)

Building – Rest Up!



Foundation – Rest!

Building – Intervals (P-Cl/Burpees/Row/Deadlift/DU/Bike)



Foundation – BSQ + KB Dual Deadlifts & Sled Push

Building – Snatch + C&J + Push Press & BB Rows



Join Coach Jay Saturday Morning For Some WB’s and Rowing. He Will Split You Into Teams Of 3 And Challenge You To Push The Pace In A Workout That Provides More Rest Than Work Time!


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