Week Preview: Feb.5-10

Week Preview: Feb.5-10

On Sunday, Feb. 11th, Mel and Claire are replacing Open Gym with Barbells & Brunch! Come workout at 9 am with them – they will be lifting some heavy stuff with lots of soothing breaks in between – and then join everyone for brunch at Browns afterwards. RSVP by booking your spot on the schedule now!

With January coming to a close, I am sure you have probably heard the words ‘New year, new you’ over 1000 times. Maybe you are someone who struggles with that perspective of fitness, that you have to completely overhaul yourself. We are less interested in creating a ‘new you’, you are good the way you are, but we are here to help find a healthier you and all the benefits that come along with that. If you haven’t already, check out Coach Scotts blog post!

“Saturdays are my favourite workouts. I was initially quite intimidated by the Sublime Series, and once I tried them, found I really like them. Everyone is super supportive, and its all about testing what you think you are capable of. Count me in for the next series!”

Let Helens’ wise words coax you into joining us on Saturday mornings…The Sublime Open is just around the corner 🙂

Alrrrrrrrrrrright! Week two brings much of the same movements and a chance to feel a little more comfortable with them!


Foundation – BB Press + DB Push Press & Chin Up Negatives + DB Bench & Rows

Building – Snatch + C&J + BSQ & Pull Ups



Everyone: Full Body Workout! TGU/Shoot Throughs/Farmer Walk/Ring Flutterrs/GHD Sit Ups/Step ups/Squats/Russian Twists



Foundation – Intervals! FSQ/KBS/Row/WB/Skipping/Bike

Building – Rest or Make Up Day!



Foundation – Rest or Make Up Day!

Building – Intervals! Cleans/FSQ/Row/K2E/DU/Burpees



Foundation – BSQ + KB Deficit Deadlifts & HEAVY Sled

Building – Snatch + Clean + Push Press & Chins



Everyone: Join Kyle For A EMOTM Mash Up!


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