Week Preview: Jan.2-6

Week Preview: Jan.2-6

Hello and Happy New Year!

Yes, 2018 is here and that means 5 years for Sublime. Wowza. We will be celebrating with our annual party on January 27th and you are gonna want to be there. To celebrate 5 years we will be drawing one lucky members name to win a free year long membership! But you got to be there to win 🙂 More details on the party to come, but for now, keep that Saturday afternoon open!

We have 3 free trial classes in January and will be collecting feedback from you to determine when you would like to see these classes added to the schedule for February.

Thursday, Jan.4: Bootcamp @7:30

Tuesday, Jan.16: Boxing @7:30

Tuesday, Jan.23: Yoga @7:30

Come on down and give it a go, bring a friend, bring your family, bring a stranger!

Also a reminder that Ashton brings Sunday Morning Hours to Sublime this week! Come on down between 10:00 – 12:00 for some open gym time!

Allllllllllllllright, new cycle! Here we go with week 1/4.


Foundation & Building – Interval Day! We Work On Some Lactic Power with the Row/Sled/Bike



Foundation – FSQ + Intervals (Abs/Row/Skipping)

Building – Snatch Complex + Clean Complex + Jerk + Lower Body Accessory



Foundation – Bench + DB Upper Body + Arm Pump

Building – Clean & Jerk + FSQ + Intervals (WB/DU/Burpee)



Foundation & Building – EMOTM Mania! We Are Going To Give You The Chance To Work On Some Skills like Handstand Holds/Walks – Hollow/Arch Swing – K2E – Skater Sq – Pistols – Press – Chins – Broad Jumps – Hurdles – Snatches…… Obviously not all of those things are for everyone but you get the idea… not sure what some of that means? Come on down and we will show ya!



Everyone – Touch and Go Deadlift Practice + Team AMRAP (Row/Box Jump/Bike/Burpee)