Week Preview: Jan.8-13

Week Preview: Jan.8-13

First week of January in the books, lets keep it rolling! Looking forward to having everyone back from holidays and returning to their regular training times, lets get back into our routine!

We had a packed house for the final free trial BootCamp Class this Tuesday as over 30 people came in to raise the temperature of Sublime.

Classes officially kick off February 1st. Current Sublime members are more than welcome to come on down and participate, no extra charge! If you have a friend who is interested in joining you at the BootCamp Classes, email claire@sublimesc.com and she will get you all set up! We have two trial classes remaining this month, boxing and yoga!

This weekend brings in the first Sublime Saturday Series event of 2018, the Partner Hopper! Last year was a blast and Coach Jay is scheming to make another delightful Saturday morning for everyone.

FINALLY! Sublime Celebrates 5 years of existence on Saturday, January 27. Save that date, keep that afternoon open, postpone that wedding, cancel that vacation… do whatever you gotta do to be there becccccccccaauuse you could win a FREE YEAR OF TRAINING 🙂 Yes, one lucky Sublime member will win a one year membership free of charge because we love you soooo much! But, you gotta be here to win!

Okay, lets talk exercise now.


Foundation – Bench + DB Bench/Flyes/Rows + Arm Pump

Building – Snatch Complex + Clean Complex + Jerks + Lower Body



Everyone – Intervals! Row/Burpee/WB/Sled/Bike



Foundation – FSQ + Intervals (Planks/Sled/Skipping)

Building – Rest!



Foundation – Rest

Building – C&J + FSQ + Intervals (Box Jump/DU/Sled)



Everyone – EMOM Mania! We Will Build On Last Weeks Introduction To These New Movements.



Partner Hopper Day! Come On Down And Coach Jay Will Pair People Off To Tackle The Unknown!