Week Preview: May 15 – 20

Week Preview: May 15 – 20

Hi All!

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend! We are back with a shift away from structural strength as we begin to build on intensity. Long story short, fewer reps, bigger weights!

We will be closed this Saturday but open Holiday Monday for a team workout with Jenelle @9:30! Save your spot now.


Foundation – DB’s Galore + Squats + Bench + Deadlifts

Building – PSN + Squats + Bench + Deadlifts



Foundation & Building – Sleds + Rowing + Ab City



Foundation – Interval Mania (Bike/WB/Skip/Row/BJ/Burpee) + Upper Body

Building – Rest up!



Foundation – Rest

Building – Clean Complex + Press + Chins + Pendlay



Foundation – DB’s Galore + Press + Chins + Pendlay

Building – Interval City (Bike/WB/Skip/Row/BJ/Burpee) + Upper Body



Get Outdoors!


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