Week Preview: Nov.6-11

Week Preview: Nov.6-11

Special shout out to our Sublime Ladies that gutted out a fun competition Saturday morning. Cathy, Cristy, Claire, and even Stacie jumped in on the action to raise funds for breast cancer treatment. Great cause and great work ladies!

We slide into the second phase of our current cycle, which means the reps creep back up momentarily before we bring on some intensity. BSQ & Deadlifts remain, Press becomes Bench, Sweaty workouts become Sweatay workouts and everyone goes home happy.


Foundation – Bench Press + Chins & Push Ups + Ab Work

Building – Snatch + Jerk + Chins & Push Ups + Ab Work



Foundation – Deadlift + Rows + Intervals (Sled/Bike)

Building – Clean Complex + Bench + Rows + Intervals (Sled/Bike)



Foundation – Intervals (Bike/KBS/BoxJump/Skip/Row/Burpees/Lunges)

Building – Rest Up!



Foundation – Rest Day

Building – Clean & Jerk + BSQ + DB Press & Row



Foundation – BSQ + DB Walking Lunge & DB Row + Burpees

Building – Clean + Deadlift + Hip Ext. + Burpees



We Will Be Closed For Remembrance Day. Enjoy Your Weekend!