New phase!!!

Congratulations to the 96% of our membership who PR’d their deadlifts on Friday. Amazingly significant progress in the last few months. On to a new phase… hope you enjoy! Mon – Foundation: RDL + CrossFit fun, Building: Power Clean + CrossFit fun Tue – Foundation: Single leg + aerobic intervals, Building: back squat + aerobic intervals Wed – Foundation: Deadlift + Cros ...[Read More]

Week of May 13

Monday – Front squat based battery work + fun ‘lil grinder Tuesday – Foundation: lactic prowler fun, Building: Aerobic tester Wednesday – Foundation: Total body body composition programming, Building: rest day Thursday – building: Oly day, Foundation: rest day Friday – Some deadlifts, some upper body work, and a ‘lil lactic capacity tester Saturday – ...[Read More]

This week

Mon – Total body str (front squats) Tue – Building=aerobic circuits… Foundation = anaerobic Wed – Foundation = total body str / Building = rest Thu – Building = Oly / Foundation = rest Fri – Total body str (deadlift base) and anaerobic conditioning Sat – Long aerobic fun

Optin Form

Suffer Here. Stronger There.

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