Week of April 3, 2017

Beginning of a new training year

The Sublime Open and the CrossFit Open for 2017 are behind us. I think most would agree that both events achieved new levels of fun and challenge.

I am sort of sad to see them go. There is no other time of year quite like it where a community pulls together around an activity typically as individual as a workout and helps each other strive for their true, absolute best.

However, the reality is that these things, like summiting a mountain, are peak events. Nobody lives at peak. But, once a peak is achieved, the next one can be dreamed up and pursued.

This week

New phase. Every single athlete I coach personally begins their training year with some general endurance work. In the physical training world we say that the peak can only be as high as the base. This is base building work.

Suffer here (at the base), and you’ll be stronger there (at the peak). Enjoy!

(Oh, and this question of “Can I suffer and be expansive in consciousness at the same time?”…. well, that’s a topic for another day!)



Foundation – Squat work, ring rows, Deadlifts, push-ups, Farmer carries, hip extensions, and lots of jump rope to start prepping for running season

Building – Snatch position work, ring rows, clean & jerk position work, push-ups, farmer carries, hip extensions and lots of jump rope


Foundation & Building – TGUs, Abs, Jefferson Curls, Abs, Sled pushes, squat work


Foundation – Split squats, DB carries, Row or Bike intervals (the power to choose!)

Building – Rest


Foundation – Rest

Building – Snatch position work, Clean & Jerk position work, Row or Bike intervals


Foundation & Building – TGUs, Farmer walks, Jefferson curls, super slow db bench, sled pushes, Curlzzz


Foundation & Building – Team workout featuring the return of visits to Mr. Aikins neighbourhood.