Week Preview: April 10 – 15

Week Preview: April 10 – 15

First run of the year is in the books for the Sublime crew! Nice job on Saturday, that was a fun one.

We move into week 2 of our current cycle, lots of volume in positional work and general endurance. Since we were doing them twice last week I decided to pick the Farmer Walk as a coaching point during my classes. We have these coming up on Monday, so give this article a read and when you come in tomorrow maybe try something different in the walk! We have Axl Bars, Trap Bar, KB’s, and DB’s, mix it up!

I was stressing the back and shoulders during the farmer walk, if you don’t read that article at least read this exert!

Back and Shoulders
The muscles in the back and shoulders are heavily targeted, particularly the traps. These muscles must work together in a continuous contraction to keep your shoulder blades together and down, and to keep your shoulder joints stable.

Special shout out to Curtis for joining the Wall Of Fame!

Curtis celebrates his 3rd year anniversary with us at Sublime. We couldn’t be more proud to help him along the way with his fitness journey

We will be closed on Friday, hope for some nice weather and try to get outdoors!

Alright, here we go!


Foundation – Squat work, ring rows, Deadlifts, push-ups, Farmer carries, hip extensions, and lots of jump rope to start prepping for running season

Building – Snatch position work, ring rows, clean & jerk position work, push-ups, farmer carries, hip extensions and lots of jump rope



Foundation & Building – TGUs, Abs, Jefferson Curls, Abs, Sled pushes, squat work



Foundation – Split squats, Matrix Wall Walking, Row or Bike intervals (the power to choose!)

Building – Snatch position work, Handstand Holds, Row or Bike intervals



Foundation & Building – Core Work & Hip Ext & Chin Up Isolations



Team Workout: WB / Box Jump / KBS / Burpees / Running