Week Preview: Nov.13-18

Week Preview: Nov.13-18

Hello all, hope you had yourselves a nice little weekend. We are back with week 6/9, reps will drop this week as we look to move more weight. Really enjoyed watching the effort in the Tuesday & Friday workouts, you all keep exceeding our expectations. Evo punched out 126 burpees, which looked unbeatable until Lupe came in and one upped him. You can see it all over his smug face. We have more of the same for this week, can’t wait to see what you got!

This Saturday brings us the next Sublime Saturday Series Event! The Hopper! What is the Hopper? We put MILLIONS of possibilities together, movements, reps, weights, time, rounds…etc. Then the workout is selected at random. Coach Jay sneaks into the gym late a night when everyone has gone home, tests it, tweaks it, AND FROM THAT THE WORKOUT IS BORN! He has graced us with a few hints, with possibly more to come, see if you can decipher the deeply tangled brain of Coach Jay.

Your guess is as good as mine….


Foundation – Bench + Chins & Push Ups + Tabata Sit Ups

Building – Snatch + Jerk + Chins & Push Ups + Tabata Sit Ups



Foundation – Deadlift + Rows + Intervals (WB/Row)

Building – Clean Complex + Bench + Rows + Intervals (WB/Row)



Foundation – Intervals (Bike/KBS/Box Jump/Skip/Row/Burpee/Lunge) + Abs

Building – Rest Up!



Foundation – Rest

Building –  C&J + BSQ + DB Press & Row



Foundation – BSQ + Walking Lunge & DB Row + Rowing & Skipping

Building – Cleans + Deadlift + GHR & BB Thrusts + Rowing & Skipping



Join Jay For The Hopper! Only He Knows The Workout!